Palscity Affiliates Academy

Palscity runs an affiliate system where the affiliates earn when they use the platform and when they refer people to join Palscity. It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Affiliates and Referral system and get rewarded for your efforts. We also continue reaching out to Partners for other ways of earning from our affiliates. 

A. What Is Palscity:

Palscity is a platform where you Connect, Share and Discover Opportunities nearby. We have the vision to create a modern-day "city of friends". We are:

1. A social media platform - we are about promoting conversations, community, connecting with the audience, and building relationships. At Palscity, Authenticity, honesty and open dialogue are key. Our platform not only allows you to hear what people say, moments they share but enables you to respond and react. Have a feel? Click here to get social

2. A Business Networking platform - Palscity systems that promote business include Marketplace system, Business Page system, Experts Enquiry system, Business Tables system, Jobs system, Advertise system, Blog system, Funding system, Events system, Group system, among others. These business systems now allow people to transact and do business.

3. A Leaders & Change Makers platform - we connect people in tables to mentorship and networking sessions. The platform tells stories of change and allows people to enjoy the power of many. Click here to belong to a Table

B. How to Become an Affiliate / Do I pay to become an Affiliate:

So long as you have joined the Palscity platform, you are free to become an affiliate. Everyone on Palscity is an affiliate. There is no joining fee. It's FREE. Simply join and start growing Palscity and start earning.

C. Affiliate Options Available for me:

There are many ways in which you can affiliate with Palscity. We simply reward you for helping us grow Palscity. These include:

1. Referrals - you refer someone to join Palscity. You earn Kshs. 10 ($0.1) per referral/user who joins using your link. Find your referral link here| Find more about Referrals here.

2. #BeatPalscityCEO monthly campaign - beat the CEO and win Kshs. 1,000 ($10). Track in real-time | Read more

3. Points & Bonuses - Earn points as a bonus when you use Palscity in the right way. Every time you post, comment, react, blog, etc. This however only refers to those who post great content. Convert your points and withdraw as real money. Find details | Learn more

4. Internal Partner commissions - These are commissions by our Internal mother brand Oracom Group see  Some of the ready affiliate systems already working include:

a. E-commerce / Online shop Affiliates on our countrywide County and nearest town marketplace (earn whenever somebody buys a product from your affiliate), Domains & Hosting (have an affiliate account).

Commission Structure: 4% per transaction made

Vendor Signup FEE: Kshs. 150 per vendor.

To Get Started, Signup as an Affiliate: Click here

Join our Affiliates WhatsApp Group: Click here.


b. Web Solutions Affiliates (Oracom Group) - Refer someone to Buy a Domain, Hosting, Gsuite, Emails, Website Design, Mobile App Development, Softwares, Graphic Design / Logo, Printing & Branding, Bulk SMS, Shortcode, USSD, Corporate Ring Back Tone (RBT), Photography, Video Production, Digital Marketing Training,  SEO, Internet Marketing, Other Training, Digitally Fit Business Awards, etc

Commission Structure: 10% per sale

To Get Started, Signup as a client and at least buy a service or transfer a service to us from any of the services listed above. Clients can activate their affiliate account from the client area so only clients can become affiliates. Once registered then, you can enable the affiliate option in your own account - or ask the admin to do it for you through email 

Click here to Register as an Affiliate

Join our Affiliates WhatsApp Group Briefing: Click here - Join on WhatsApp.


6. External Partner commissions - These are commissions by our external partners who feel they have rewards for helping them achieve their targets.

D. Terms / What can make me be penalized / not earn:

Even though we reward you for helping us grow Palscity, the following are ways in which you will be penalized and in some cases blocked from the system completely. We, therefore, urge all to play clean and maintain honesty. The following are some of the bad practices/malpractices.

  1. Faking users during referral: eg no existent users, personal users creation of fake users, all your users not active since they join, users not activated, consistent users with no profiles, IP address, Proxys, IP swap, IP hide, etc.
  2. Spamming posts eg any repeated posts, posting numbers or short sentences with a view to earning, consistent emojis, etc
  3. Marketing Posts eg any post that is purely for marketing another brand is allowed but excluded during the withdrawal stage. We only pay for good content. Be human, post engaging content.
  4. Consistent reaction eg an account that repeatedly reacts to posts with a view to growing points is considered spamming. Be human - we reward you over time.
  5. Unreal reactions and comments: Comments and reactions done repeatedly is considered spamming and not real / not organic. 

NB: Find a detailed document with examples of spamming posts and unwanted penalizable actions - click here

E. Tips to Play safe and get rewarded big:

To have good earnings, the following tips can help you earn more and win big.

a) Referrals:

  1. Share your referral link to friends on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, WhatsApp, Instagram profiles, and posts. Anyone who clicks and joins you gets rewarded.
  2. Ask for us to design a Palscity #BeatPalscityCEO poster and share it widely alongside your profile
  3. Write engaging articles and posts and export them on social media or other channels with your referral link starting with "?ref=your-username" eg if your blog/post link is if your long post is you can shorten it by removing the characters after the last letter eg now with your referral link Shorten it as "?ref=palscity? and add it to your short or long post above as or Anyone who clicks your shared content and comes to read it on Palscity and joins you earn. This means every good content you share earns you referrals and you win with it as well.
  4. Sending Bulk SMS or signing up people in a group eg the Chama members, students, workmates, family, friends, groups all with your referral link. To entice them on how they too win, tell them to also refer and earn.

b) Bonusses / Points 

  1. Post engaging and good content depending on moments or what you want to share. Make it organic, keep it real, and over time you get rewarded.
  2. Use hashtags, do not spam the tags only where it's relevant and remember to also use the admin tags where necessary to push certain conversations.
  3. Anytime you find yourself trying to posts with an aim of earning, know that you are on the route of getting blocked. Do not look at quantity but the quality of posts. Averagely, one should not have more than 3 posts per hour unless you know you are real and you understand that its content.
  4. Do not comment or like to be paid, whenever you are doing it repeatedly then know you are spamming and not real. Be realistic.

NB: With the points, we only pay for good/great engaging content. We will select which articles at the point of withdrawal we consider as of great and remove articles we feel are great or spamming.

HELP US PROMOTE GOOD USE: report any post you see spamming or not using the platform to promote good content by selecting the arrow at the top right side of the post then in the drop-down list, click report post. or inform the person to stop spamming the platform - most of the time they are not aware of these rules. You earn a bonus for doing this.

F. How can I make withdrawal / Withdrawal Limit / Payment days:

You can withdraw anytime you like by simply selecting My Points -> My Earnings or going to my Profile Settings then under "Earnings" select My Current Balance. Withdrawal days are Tuesdays and Fridays and Payment days are Wednesdays and Saturdays ie one day after withdrawal. Select "iPAY Africa" - our payments partner.

NB: Find a detailed article on withdrawals here 

G. What Should I do when my Payments have Delayed:

It could be on our end. Drop us an email at or chat with @Palscity Guide (do not make phone calls please since we do not offer phone support). Since we manually verify payments before releasing them, we may always delay past the date.

In most cases, however, delays are due to malpractices or account suspicious activity. In such a case we will delay the transaction as we study the account further. There is however no harm in finding out why there is a delay.

H. What About other Countries:

Palscity is for the whole world, however, like any other technology we love to be in every corner of the globe. This however takes time to establish payment mechanisms for some countries. Simply talk to us about your country so that we make plans to pay you easily using your currency. This means everyone can get into the program.

I. I was spamming, My Account is blocked, I can see my posts - what should I do?:

Whenever you start spamming the platform, we have the right to delete all your posts "account cleaning" without notice. This is in the interest of our members. We will then reach out to you or just block your account. Depending on how you request, you can ask for a pardon and we will reactivate your account. Reach out to use in such a case to enable your account. Continous malpractice will lead to your account getting spammed.

To know your account is blocked, you will realize you have no posts and or we have chatted you and or you cannot log into Palscity.

I. I keep referring people but I cannot see them under my referrals:

This can happen due to many reasons. The first thing you need to do is to check in the "Explore Friends" menu and see if the people really joined the platform. If you can scroll and not see them then know they are yet to join.

Sometimes these people can end up joining but they are not seen as your affiliates under the following conditions:

a) You referred them, but due to their curiosity they left the referral link and starting searching about Palscity or their browser or using another gadget or manually typing on the URL then they signup. They will not count as your affiliate since they will then join without directly using your affiliates.

b) The user has not visited the website before (NEVER). If they already visited the website before, it means they have the 1st refers cookie still active. Remember if they also visit the website and not signup and later on join using another person's link then you will be counted as the first referer and earn.

c) The use must have a Unique IP address.

I. #BeatPalscityCEO campaign, Who Wins It, How Do I get the money:

BeatPalscityCEO money is a gift by the CEO to the winners. It is therefore not visible on your account dashboard and neither do you request it. At the end of the month, the winners as at midnight of that month who are above the red mark win Kshs. 1,000 or ($10) sent directly by the CEO and the person directly below the CEO wins Kshs. 500 or $5. If there is a tie, we simply pick the one person directly below the red mark. Payments from the CEO will always come before every 5th of the month. Remember you have to request your pay of the month so that it is used to verify your users. One cannot receive this gift before they request payment. When they have not reached the least withdrawal amount, the money will be kept waiting for them till the 20th of that month after which the gift will be canceled.

K. How then does Palscity Make money? Is this a scam loading?:

We have put enough checks to ensure the money we receive we use it well to reward those who help us grow Palscity and reward good content. We make money through the following ways:

1. Pro membership - to get the best out of Palscity, we urge members to pick a pro membership package to share their expertise wide and be found. Click here to get started and support us.

2. Advertisement - when you advertise your brand and business on Palscity you win big and through that, we get money to Pay Affiliates. Click here to Advertise

3. By joining a table of your chance we get you connected to like-minded people to Network and Get into Mentorship sessions. Click here to join a Table.