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Palscity is a social media and business networking site that connects families and friends, creates and connects people to opportunities nearby. We advocate for free speech, focuses on protecting user’s rights, and connecting people in their own cities. Create your own city of friends, community, and enjoy content and news in real-time. Apply moderation tools to filter content. Empower yourself to control your social experience and be a verified member of the community!

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The Team

Palscity is run and managed by a team of UI/UX Designers, Graphics Team, Web Developers, Systems Security Experts, Managers, and Digital Experts among other Experts. Our level of professionalism ensures users' data is always protected and fully secured as well as the interest of users in finding the right opportunities around them.

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What Do People say about Palscity?

Hon Daniel Juma – Country Director Global Peace Foundation Kenya

Betty Adera – National Clean Content Ambassador (KFCB), Ms. President Nairobi County

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With Palscity You Quickly

  • Discover sports, news, politics, and entertainment based on your interest.
  • Engage with official statements and thoughts from community leaders
  • Experience dynamic media — like photos, and GIFs
  • Echo, Share, Vote and Comment on Parlays
  • Debate and Moderate, Trend and start conversations
  • Get caught up on news headlines and videos
  • Be part of the viral experience
  • Find out who started following you and explore other people
  • Respond to comments or wows
  • Private message your clique and in a group.
  • Customize your profile with a photo, description, location, and background photo
  • Tell the world what you need them to know!

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Key System Highlights

  • 1. Profile management system: Use this to customize and fill your profile settings, privacy settings, social media, profile design and notifications.
  • 2. Expertise / Skills system: Use this feature to ensure your expertise and skills are visible to your next customer or job
  • 3. Referral System: Use this to refer users to the platform using your referral link and code. You are rewarded every time you refer someone.
  • 4. Hashtags system: Discover what’s trending Now/Today, this Week, this Month, All-Time trends and Admin Trends
  • 5. Chat System: Users can chat directly with other users one on one and also create a group chat.
  • 6. Content System: Post, filter and enjoy a wide variety of content from Text Feeds, Photos, Videos, Documents, Audios etc
  • 7. Greeting System: Get personalized greetings and daily quotes to start and end your day each with its coulourful presentation eg Good morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening.
  • 8. Poke System: Allows users to say 'hello' to or show interest in a friend without having to go through the tedious process of crafting a message.Means someone is trying to get your attention, flood your notifications just for fun.
  • 9. Point & level system: Users can earn points by liking, commenting, wowing and posting feeds and articles.
  • 10. Album system: Users can create and manage photo albums
  • 11. Pro System: Pro users have a chance to showcase their expertise and get more visibility and customers.
  • 12. Games System: Users can upload games and play games
  • 13. Pages System: Allow users, companies and brands to create pages, add them to their websites, invite fan likes and update their pages with updates about their company and brands.
  • 14. Marketplace System: Allow users to upload and sell their products and services then receive buyer requests directly from their chats.
  • 15. Groups System: Users can create open and closed groups and start engaging based on their common interest.
  • 16. Blogs System: Create high ranking quality blogs on a topic of interest and see who reads and comments on it. You get rewarded every time you upload blogs.
  • 17. Events System: Create, manage and monitor your events.
  • 18. Forums System: Create discussion Topics and Get Answers based on your Interest
  • 19. Movies System: Create and allow users to watch movies
  • 20. Advertisements System: Allow users to create targeted Ads and reach more people.
  • 21. Advanced Sharing System: Share posts, groups, groups both locally and internally to other social sites.
  • 22. Story / Status System: Allow users to create stories and status updates. Expires in 24 hours.
  • 23. GIF System: Allow users to share GIF images
  • 24. Friends Nearby System: Allow users to discover nearby friends
  • 25. GIFT System: Allow users to send and receive Gifts from other users
  • 27. Wallet System: Allow users to send and receive money on their wallets
  • 28. Stickers System: Use stickers to enrich your posts and chats.
  • 29. Job System: Posts and Find Jobs
  • 30. Offer System: Find offers and discounts
  • 31. Memories System: Find past memories
  • 32. Common Things System: Discover common things between you and different people.
  • 33. Nearby Shops System: Find nearby shops
  • 34. Nearby Businesses System: Find Businesses near you eg https://palscity.com/nearby_business
  • 35. Shout box system: Ability to make post anonymously
  • 36. Funds drive system: Start a fundraising program and ask users to help you donate.
  • 37. Poll System: Users can create and run polls for votes.
  • 38. Weather System: Users can enable their location to see the weather of today eg wind, sun, visibility, humidity
  • 39. Content Type System: Users can interact with different content types eg images, audio, files, videos, text etc
  • 40. Birthday System: Users can use this feature to see friends with birthdays, wish them birthdays and send gifts to them
  • 41. Saved Posts System: Users can use this feature to save posts and refer to them in future / later
  • 42. Table Banking System: Users can use this feature to save money for a course and use the number of many to fulfill their objective for economic empowerment.
  • 43. Popular Posts System: Users can use this feature see which posts are popular system wide and based on dates
  • 44. Promoted Posts System: Users can use this feature to promote and view promoted posts

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